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Blue Moon

The name came "out of the blue" and it's much better than "13-point skip-3 star-circle interlocking 37-piece 4-color puzzle." My previous puzzle seemed too rigid and actually ended up being too easy to assemble. I reverted back to a more wavy design and somewhere along the way had the brilliant idea of keeping the round edge pieces. Creativity is often accidental.

That "angel" on the right was purely accidental (see above) but reminded me of Escher. I swear I was not trying to imitate him.

This puzzle represents something like 5 revisions in the cutting design and multiple cuttings.

I found that these round puzzles may be wrapped with a rubber band (to tighten them up a bit) and then clipped to a piece of cardboard and leaned against other objects for display!

I've been wondering if there is a "One Color Map Theorem" which relates the number of pieces you can paint to the total number of pieces when no two painted pieces touch.

Click the image if you want to see a bigger copy.