Turning Point

A plane traveling from point A to point B with a tailwind decides to turn around at point P. P is defined as that point where the return trip to A would take the same time as the trip from point P to point B.

Enter Total distance, Wind speed and Plane speed and click Submit.

Total distance :

Wind speed :

Plane speed :

Distance to point P is :

Extra credit

Say the trip from A to B takes 3 2/3 hours and the trip from B to A takes 5 hours. If the wind speed is 40 miles per hour, what would be the distance from point A to the point P as defined above?

Extra Extra credit

Either by looking at the source code or by using Algebra, what is the equation that shows what d is as a function of t, w and p where d is the distance from point A to point P, t is the total distance between point A and point B, w is the wind speed and p is the plane speed?

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