Millie the Millipede

Millie the Millipede strapped her new GPS watch to her belly and headed out. She covered 5 mibs in a time of 66 tibs. (A millipede mib is like a human mile and a millipede tib is like a human minute.)

Her (and her buddy Billy's) data were uploaded to her milliconnect account. Please click the link to see the numbers.

Billy told her he'd heard the folks over at NJTC were C peeps and they might be able to analyze her run. So she PMd them:


My buddy Billy wants to know his average pace (in tibs per mib), which leg was his quickest (smallest tibs per mib), and which leg was his slowest. Could you send me a report? My report (I did it w/ pencil and paper) looks like this:

Average pace: 13.2 tibs/mib
Quickest leg was leg 4. Pace was 3 tibs/mib.
Slowest leg was leg 2. Pace was 30 tibs/mib.