What characterizes a well-written computer program?

A Programmer's Guide to the Meaning of Life

Table Of Contents

I have built a "Table Of Contents" for what I feel are the best examples of things we've talked about here in the last couple of years. I hope you find this useful and interesting.

Windows (tc.exe) and Linux (tc) executables of the tiny-C interpreter

Libraries and other files used by tinyC that need to be in a directory named pps

library.tc, lrblib.tc, tc.prop, version.prop, mathLib.tc

Build scripts

buildPlugIn.bat, buildPlugIn.sh

tiny-C documentation and the machineCall.c source code module of the interpreter

The new classical tiny-C.doc machineCall.c

tiny-C and C programs (and Pascal and BASIC and Mouse and ...)

Click or press Muzzy (below) to see LEE, a text to handwriting program, in action.



6/11/22 - totient.html, totient.6.11.22.tc


series.php, series.php.txt

tiny.c, tin.html, dr_dobbs_journal_vol_05.29-37.pdf

amort.tc, amortpi.c, (1/2), (2/2), amort.png, kelsey.c

testPigra.tc, permalink.html, pigra.c, libpigra.windows.so, libpigra.linux.so pigra.h, pigra_lib.tc, devil.txt

fibpi.tc, pifib.c, libpifib.windows.so, libpifib.linux.so fibpi.tc.out, phi.html, fib.tc, fib.c

may.2020.challenge.c, (1/2), (2/2) may 2020 challenge

spirala.tc, spiralpi.c, spirala.png

concen.tc, concen.txt concentration

ssort.tc, ssort.out

5/25/22 - tree-128.tc, animals.tr

The above is from an early issue of Dr. Dobb's. I modified the code to support 128 records (it used to support only 16).


knapsack.lrb.c, knapsack.lrb.out, knapsack.c

pbs.tc, pbs.out, pbsinput

md.tc, md.tc.md

cliffsnotes.html, entropya.c, entropya.c.out, bulls_and_cows_solver.py

integration.amy.try.c, integration.png

double.html, double.tc, double.out

4/16/22 cristian.double.c, cristian.new.double.tc

next_c.tc, next_c_doc.html

compress.tc, dompress.tc, compressor.html

xmas.tc, xmas.png

nemo.tc, nemo.karel.html, karel.html nemo.pc.tc, pospi.c, nemo.kw maze.html, maze.tc, maze.kw karel_2.html sampler.tc, sampler.windows.again.tc, sampler.kw, foobar.tc randwalk.tc, rand13.kw

rdump.tc, rdump.png

slr.tc, slr.png


hrun.tc, hasm.tc, nedanted.hbs, nedanted.hbo, HARBRAD.TXT


chas.tc, chas.tc.png

matched_pair.tc, tchelp.matched_pair.txt

roman.2.12.22.tc, luas13.c, roman.png cairopy.py

Click the image below to see the source code of the tinyC program that generated the image (that was converted into an .ico file and then viewed w/ IconEditPro)

chapter.8.2.1.c, chapter.8.2.1.png

JavaScript Toby Speak translator

jspeek.html, jspeek.png, all.dic.html

2/17/22 - nato.html, nato.perl.txt, fuzz01.c


6.4.13.html, html.png

steinhaus.tc, rees.sum.square.c

nostalgebra.c, nostalgebra.jpg, nostalgebra.desmos.jpg

Dakota Rauls 1.18 #48 (boat problem)

amoeba.linux.tc, amoeba.c, amoeba.html

choc.tc, van.tc, choc.html, candy.tc candy.c, candy.c.out.html

What color was/were the dragon/s with six heads?

Election 2020, Election 2020 output


mandel.tc, mandel.area.tc, mandel.jpg, mandel.mp4, fractals_no_oo_v3.py, MANDEL42.BAS MANDEL32.DOC, DOSPrinter.exe benoit.html

simple_plotter.py, simple_plotter.jpg

factor.tc, factor_doc.html





If you're 30' above the surface of the earth how far can you see to the horizon? amend.2.tc, saf.txt, amend.html Foxtrot_two-way_translator.html periodic functions words.2.tc, pip.html, words.doc.html the sentence notes, mywordsearch.png, words.1.txt, board.1.txt

un-psychic.tc, recursion.html

scacalos.tc decbin.c kerouac.txt kerouac.enc

Ed Davis's Tiny integer calculator (icalc.tc) Joel Rees's blog post involving bc and pi jmr.bc Ed Davis's Toy byte-code compiler/interpreter (toy.o2bas), toy.exe, primes.toy

four_way.tc A video of this is at four_way.tc.mp4 Tom Gibson wrote a much more ambitious solution in Python. 4way-9-16-18.py A video of this is at 4way.mp4


ferry_solution.html ferry video

Morse code haiku.html, chip.haiku.txt

The code below supports a Windows dependent way to compare a local and a remote file url.tc, urldownloadpi.c, urldownload.c

Here's another way you can download a remote file url.9.10.21.py.txt

Three quines SELFGEN.BAS SELFGEN.MSE selfgen.py


Ruth-Aaron pairs in BASIC, Ruth-Aaron pairs in C, Ruth-Aaron pairs in tinyC

Amicable numbers in tinyC, Amicable numbers in C

gennorm.sample.means.c weblite.try.c, weblite.html

Click Euler's identity, below, for its proof

Infix to Postfix translator and Proposition evaluator

in2po.c, proposition.c, !jtc post

Remote Desktop



Where it all began ...

altair.html dir.txt pnut.1.time.jslinux.c, pnt.htm ANIMALS.BAS, animals.c, animalgame.c MightyPork Animal Game

5/24/22 - animals.dat

vinod.pillai.c (example of add, delete, modify etc. Employee "database")


ASCII.MSE Z80.MSE, z80.mp4

MULTSEQ.TC, multseq.c, multseq.html

RYEMASH.BAS, ryemash.txt, fortran_coloring_book.html

PILOT/80, VANDC.PIL, PILOT80.DOC, waduzitdo.html Rob Linwood's RPilot, documentation, guess1.p, menu.p


For the above link, login with vflogin tinyC, password is tiny-C You will find a collection of C programs that cover some of the basics here. Also, in the rpilot directory there are several example programs. The software in the next line is also in JSLinux. It's in the directory source/tiny-c-master/Projects/Project_millipede/

millipede.html, millie.c, millie.tc, millipede_millie.txt, chomsky.html

1/17/22 - pentence.tc.jslinux.txt, pentence.tc.jslinux.txt.out, pentence.1.py

1/29/22 - triangular.prism.tc

1/30/22 - Two Trains and a Fly

2/10/22 - hazel.tc

2/19/22 - Ferris Wheel

3/1/22 - pangram.4.1.tc, https://ideone.com/roz1Wc, pangram.5.tc, pangram.pl

Finding the equation of a line tangent to a curve using implicit differentiation 3/12/22 - https://www.desmos.com/calculator/hfsbqkjpau

Cryptarithms (http://www.cryptarithms.com/) 3/17/22 - math.c, laz.c


3/19/22 - despooner.1.tc

3/22/22 - caesar01.c Why did Caesar cross the Rubicon? Gb trg gb gur bgure fvqr. 3/27/22 - greet05.c, .bash_profile, pithy05.c, pithy.txt

5/29/22 - https://mutts.com/products/strip-052922

4/16/22 - dandy.html, dandelion.4.16.22.c, dandelion.1.c

5/6/22 - !jtc.tc, !jtc.html

5/23/22 - june.22.c, june.22.data.c 5/29/22, 6/4/22 - june.22b.c, june.22c.c


5/31/22 - pf.tc, pf.html

6/12/22 - therefore.tc

4/5,6/22 - minarr.tc, minarr.c, minarr.bas

8/7/22 - http://primepuzzle.com/ebc/ebc-3/ASCII.ASC

8/26/22 - FizzBuzz

8/26/22 - http://primepuzzle.com/poe/poe-4-90/poe-4-90.txt, BUZZ.BAS

8/29/22 - http://primepuzzle.com/not.just.tiny.c/give.a.dollar.tc

9/7/22 - give a dollar in Julia by Aaron West 9/11/22 - Jim McClanahan's give a dollar in Python and Julia

10/3/22 - RCV123.org

10/21/22 - ranked.choice.voting.c choices.txt subjects.txt ranked.choice.voting.out ranked.choice.voting.exe (Windows executable) ranked.choice.voting (Linux executable)

IDEONE.CBL - https://ideone.com/s8zCC4
gus.c grade.py

color2new.aw.c colorbuf.c color.tc