Congratulations, you will soon be receiving, in the mail, a PIP.

No, not what you see on a die. No, not Philip Pirrip, called Pip, the protagonist and narrator in Charles Dickens's novel Great Expectations (1861). No, not Peripheral Interchange Program (PIP), the utility to transfer files on and between devices on Digital Equipment Corporation's computers.

Your PIP is a Puzzle In Puzzle. You know, a PIP!

These are 8" x 10" 17-piece puzzles. They use Foam Board and are cut w/ an X-ACTOŽ knife.

You are encouraged to solve the puzzle after you assemble it and e-mail your answers to the puzzle maker.

For example, if your puzzle involves French numbers, your answers would look like

           start row    start col     direction from start to end of word  

DEUX       0            2             s
TROIS      5            1             ne
SIX        etc. etc.

Here are the PIPs I (and other PIP Pros) have made.

3/7/21 -
3/10/21 -
3/12/21 -
4/12/21 -
4/15/21 -
4/15/21 -
4/29/21 -
5/9/21 -
5/14/21 -
4/26/22 -
4/26/22 -