A Complete Programming Environment on a Single Web Page in Less Than 8k
Terminal Screen

What is it about?

'WADUZITDO: How To Write a Language in 256 Words or Less' was the title of an article from BYTE magazine, September 1978 issue (pp. 166-175), by Larry Kheriarty, describing a very minimalistic language to show off 'what a computer can do', intended to catch attention from even a complete computer illiterate.

WADUZITDO is a rough PILOT descendant, following a very simple [<Modifier>*] <Operation> ":" <Data> structure, where every line is a single instruction to the computer.

This implementation is rather straight forward, modelled after the 6800 Assembly language version as authoritative source, thus honoring all embedded quirks

Program Editor

How does it do what it does?

Every line is an operation made up from the following.
T:text Display text on the terminal.
A: Accept (input) one character from the terminal keyboard.
M:x Match (compare) x to last input character and set match flag to Y if equal, set to N if not equal.
J:n If n=0 jump to last accept.
If n=1 thru 9 jump to nth program marker forward from the J.
S: Stop program execution.
Modifiers: (Preceding Operations)
Y Execute operation only if match flag is 'Y'.
N Execute operation only if match flag is 'N'.
* Serves as a jump destination.