Collinsville - March 13, 2011

Tom Buckley directed this Hartford Track Club Winter Series race this morning (as he has for the last 10 years). The Brickyarders had a strong presence with Barb, Ken, Tray, Lee, Rose, Lea and Lani at the start line. The hill from mile 2 to 3 was especially fun. Tray "decided" to add a few hundred yards to the 11+ mile distance at the half way point and *still* turned in an impressive finish. Lea and Rose (who I swear said she would do only 1 loop) were together the whole way and both found an extra gear on the home stretch. Lee did his best not to get overtaken in the last mile. Lani, who along w/ all other Brickyarders save Lea (who is the only one w/ any sense) put in some longish miles yesterday and also got less than a full night's sleep last night, ran well. Ken (official navigator at yesterday's 15 mile Collinsville warm up) did the 11 in flying (Goshen Turkey Trot Orange) colors. Tom Walsh is easily recognized as the guy wearing the dress (just kidding).

Linda and Peter, in between taking pictures, got in about a 40-minute walk during the run.

David Reik's LTT system (Low Tech Timing) did the trick, once again. Complete results, including an historical perspective, have been posted on Cool Running.

BTW, last year there were something like only 12 runners (horrible weather). The year before, over 60 I think. Oldest runner: Jerry Shimoda-Peterson, 79. Youngest runner: Jason Beaver, 9, who was way in front of me at about mile 4 and his Dad was suggesting he could do the loop one more time; he wisely decided to do the 5.5 extremely well.

So .. well done, Brickyarders. Well done, Tom.

Here's what Linda took. It's so great to see LBrad photos! Click the picture for a high resolution picture.

Lee Bradley

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