Doc Whitney 65+ 5K - Orange, CT - June 12, 2011

This was the inaugural running of this race. The course is the same course as the Chilly Chili January 1 race. Put on by the Milford Road Runners, Woodbridge Running Company and the Warren Street Social & Athletic Club, 54 people ran it. All the runners got to pick out one of Doc's famous T-shirts and a trophy he had won at a race! The race was free!

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LBrad  Photos
by LBrad   Photos

What Doc wore at his inaugural

Joe Riccio, Lee Bradley, Carolyn Lloyd (back to us), Monica Roche, Bill Tribou

Jo Marchetti

Mark Turkington, a contemplative Lee Bradley

Geoff Etherington, Ray Prest

Paul Couzelis

Patty Carton

Marilyn and Don Osborne

Chip Monk

The Start!

The Finish!

Mark Tukington

Paul Couzelis


Jo Marchetti

A conch shell was used at the start and at the finish. This smaller one came from India.

Monica Roche

Patty Carton

Bill Tribou

The clock

Carolyn Lloyd

Doc George Whitney

Doc's hat and trophy

Doc's daughter Kate and Doc. Kate travelled from Orange to Brattleboro and back, twice

Don Osborne and Bob Stephenson

The Winner!