Peoples Forest 2011 - Sunday, January 16

Tom Buckley directed the 8.567 / 17.134 mile HTC Winter Series run this year. 66 runners came. The temperature was about 32, the road was in good shape and the sun peeked out throughout the run. Todd Brown provided water and gatorade at the 4 mile mark.

Lani, Rose, Barbara K. and Dave C. did the 1 loop course (Rose tacked on a couple of extra miles) and Lee and Tracy did the 17. We recorded our times which will be reported in the newsletter. Rose did 1:47 for the 10.5. Barbara did 1:27 and Condit did 1:13. Tracy crossed in 2:44 and Lee showed up 2 minutes later. Lani did a 1:09.

Linda drove, took pictures and was her usual supportive self. It was a wonderful way to spend the morning with friends.

Thanks Tom and Todd. Well done.

PS - I ran for awhile with Peter Hawley and when I learned HTC is looking for a new race director and also somebody to take the Hogsback Half, I offered to do the latter. Volunteering is something I will be doing more of this year. I will be looking for help.

Nice job, Brickyarders! I'm sure Kelsey wanted to join us. There are many more races coming up. We'll see you there!

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