MaxZ80 - Chapter 1

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All the files discussed in this tutorial are contained in the archive

Download this archive and extract its contents into c:\maxz80. This
directory will be created for you if you use the self-extracting
archive (i.e. the .exe).

The hints you get here are just that, only hints. Read these hints and
then delve into the details by looking at the source code. Try stuff
on your own!

Bring up a DOS window, navigate to the c:\maxz80 directory and type

You will see a screen similar to the following:

ZSDOS Time Stamp Loader, Ver 1.1
  Copyright (C) 1988  by H.F.Bower / C.W.Cotrill

MYZ80 Clock 0.2 for NZ-COM User Space ...loaded at F880H
 Clock is : MYZ80 CLOCK             0.2

 Logging into A0:MOUSE

11:09 A0:MOUSE>

Type a4:, hit Enter, and then type dir.

11:09 A0:MOUSE>a4:
11:09 A4:BASIC>dir

         Drive A4 [BASIC]      Files: 60/656k   Free: 3556k
-       .104   0k : CMD     .REL   4k : MBASIC  .HLP  24k : SLOWDISP.COM   4k
99BOT   .BAS   4k : CONCEN  .BAS  12k : OBSLIB  .REL  48k : STAR    .BAS   4k
ALL     .BAS   4k : CONCEN  .COM  24k : PI314   .BAS   4k : STAR    .COM  16k
ALL     .CID  24k : CREF80  .COM   4k : PI314   .COM  32k : STAR    .OUT   4k
ALL     .DIC  24k : GOLIAT  .HTM   4k : PI314   .REL   4k : STAR    .REL   4k
ARK11   .ARK  16k : GOLIATH .HTM   4k : QUIET   .COM   4k : STARV   .BAS   4k
BASCOM  .HLP  16k : GOTCHA  .MAC   4k : RANTEST .ASC   4k : STARV   .COM  16k
BASCOM2 .HLP  32k : GOTCHA  .REL   4k : RANTEST .BAS   4k : STARV   .REL   4k
BASLIB  .REL  28k : GOTCHA  .Z80   4k : RANTEST .COM   4k : UNARC   .COM   8k
BCLOAD  .      4k : HAF     .ASS   4k : RIT     .WRD  12k : UNARC16 .ARK  40k
BRAILLE .BAS   4k : LEE     .SUB   4k : RUNLEE  .SUB   4k : UNLOAD23.COM   4k
BRUN    .COM  16k : LEE11H  .BAS   4k : RUNLEE  .ZEX   4k : UNLOAD23.LBR  12k
CLIFF   .HTM   4k : LEE11H  .COM  20k : RUNLEEP .SUB   4k : Z3BAS   .LBR  52k
CLIFFH  .HTM  12k : LEF     .WRD  12k : SELFGEN .BAS   4k : Z3HDR   .MAC   4k
CLS     .BAS   4k : LIB80   .COM   8k : SELFGEN .TXT  12k : Z3HDR   .REL   4k

11:09 A4:BASIC>

Notice the "drive / user areas" have names and the prompt has a
time-stamp in it.

Do you see the file named LEE11H.COM?

A DOS version of this CP/M program is LEE11HD.EXE.

"Letter Extractor / Enhancer" is written in BASIC. It takes text files
and converts them into "handwritten" files. It uses many small graphic
files for the letters, numbers and special characters.

To exit the Z-System environment, type EXIT.

Here's a sample run of LEE11HD.EXE.


Usage : LEE [[I=input file] [O=output file] [P=prefix]] or
        LEE no command tail to be prompted

LEE, (Letter Extractor / Enhancer), Version 1.1H
LEE generates "handwritten" files from text files.

Done. File CLIFFH.HTM created.


Click to see the "typewritten" input.

Click to see the "handwritten" output.